Jul 28 , 2021

BIG KNOTS! Why Do They Exist?

  • Cheaper labor for vendors
  • Machine made ventilation (Mass production! If it saves time, they CAN make more money)
  • Inexperienced/new employees ventilating

KKXTENSIONS Loves Little Knots!

We created a rule of thumb to help you get your ideal product made.

  • Tell Vendors exactly what the heck you want! If they can’t accommodate or meet your needs, MOVE ON. Another vendor will. Vendors can grow WITH YOU & YOUR BUISNESS. These products will represent your business & face. 
  • Whatsapp video chat or FaceTime (they got your number anyway cuzzzz) vendors for EVERY ORDER YOU PLACE. 
  • REQUEST that they FaceTime you mid-way for quality assurance. SAVE TIME, MONEY, and a positive experience for your customer. No one wants to inconvenience the customer.
  • If you do not ventilate your own glue-less full lace units, please adhere to video chatting your vendor BEFORE they complete your pieces and dispatch.  


Reduce the size of your knots by communicating with your vendor. 


  1. WHAT TECHNIQUE does your company use to ventilate (i.e. single, or double)?
  2. HOW MANY strands do you ventilate per lace grid/knot?

Single-knot technique- A method in which hair is ventilated into the lace by knotting it ONCE. The smallest knotting technique in appearance, in union with using 1 or 1-2 strands (there is wiggle room for 2-3 strands). Lace pieces using this technique will shed faster (secured into the lace with only one knot). Tip: Extend Lace piece longevity by using knot sealer. We are working on adding this product to our site. 

Double-Knot Technique- A method in which hair is ventilated into the lace by knotting it TWICE. Natural in appearance when 1 or 1-2 strands are used, & the knots are bleached.

Khrissy’s Knotty X-tensions/Kkxtenions loves both techniques, but prefers the double-knot technique for our customer’s laces’ longevity. We offer 2 centimeters of single strand, double knotted pre-plucked hairline for an immaculate, natural finish. For one, it will last longer! The best part is it looks like it’s growing out of the scalp.

Questions? Suggestions? Something missing? Leave a note for us in the comments, along with what you would like for a kkxtensions expert to cover next week!